Work at RPP

Work at RPP

Our HR policy and philosophy

Since RPP’s creation, we have been committed to grow with experienced public affairs professionals or young talented individuals that would bring new ideas and additional creativity to our team.

We encourage candidates to apply for positions if they believe they can bring that special addition to our work rather than just fitting a given profile.

We put a lot of effort into creating a friendly yet ambitious environment and try to identify a fast-paced career plan for all colleagues at RPP.

RPP is currently looking to fill various positions across our different offices. Profiles and required qualifications are detailed in the following job adverts. Please address your application to our recruitment officer. For spontaneous applications, please contact recruiting(@)


Why work at RPP?

There are numerous advantages to working in all of our dynamic teams across Europe. RPP has consistently grown over the last 2 decades and will continue to do so, with the addition of new talent as we grow. We have built an environment that offers exceptional colleagues the opportunity to excel at unprecedented speeds and make major steps in their careers.

We also know that it is important to enjoy coming to work every day and, on top of building an inclusive work environment, we also are sure to plan regular company retreats and reunions to keep all of our teams in close contact and with strong working relationships across all offices.

Benefits as an employee at RPP

  • Be a part of a growing company where you can bring your ideas to our identity  
  • Entrepreneurial spirit within the company with freedom to pursue promising new initiatives 
  • Good Work-Life-Balance 
  • Teambuilding activities such as retreats, after work activities, etc.  
  • Working across an international team  
  • Build your skills working with colleagues with decades of experience in public affairs and political institutions 
  • Hone your abilities through RPP’s educational seminars, workshops and trainings 
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