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Europe is a continent of varying policies and outcomes. Reflecting how the policies that impact your work across Europe is crucial to building better regulatory frameworks, enhancing your message and communicating with stakeholders. To meet this need, we build innovative and creative ‘heatmaps’ designed to show how different communities are able to promote your products and policies of interest.

Several of our projects have integrated heatmaps into our advocacy efforts with clients and you can see two heatmaps that we have developed for everyone to use below.

Health Technology Assessment Heatmap

RPP is offering a new service to make sure you are up to date on the HTA process. While many people know what’s going on in Parliament, the Council is often neglected.

RPP is addressing this by offering a full real-time heatmap that will provide you with the latest updates on Member States positions on HTA and allowing you to track how they evolve.

This service includes analyses and real time access to a heatmap showing the Member States HTA profiles and positions on the regulatory proposal that could help you keep up to speed with the latest policy developments.

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Lutz Dommel
Lutz Dommel
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EU National Election Heatmap

The EU National Election Heatmap is a tool developed by RPP.

The heatmap aims at providing an overarching perspective of EU national elections with key political insight for individual countries. As part of a trial phase, we are offering the tool for free until the end of the year. Please feel free to consult it.

Please contact our Consultant Yordan Aleksandrov for more specific information if needed.

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Yordan Aleksandrov
Yordan Aleksandrov
Associate Director Brussels
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