The RPP approach to Visual Communication

We believe that a visual communication concept makes our clients more successful. It is creative, puts your message in a nutshell and builds confidence in the product.

In close corporation with our clients we discuss the strategy, content and objectives of each project. Before we start, we analyze the timing, way and direction of the project.

All communication takes place within a different context, has other purposes, other uses and other partners of communication. We aim to develop an individual visual concept, adapted to your needs. 

Case study

Pancreatic Cancer Europe is an association created in 2014 with the aim to curb the dramatic rise of pancreatic cancer incidence and mortality across Europe. While the patient and medical community is mobilized in that fight, it appeared that the awareness of the disease and its symptoms was very low in the general population, among GPs, and among policy makers. To address this lack of awareness, RPP and PCE have worked together on developing several types of brochures:  

  • A general infographic on pancreatic cancer, to inform the public and policy makers of the main facts and figures about the disease  
  • A leaflet on the main signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer, to ensure timelier medical consultations if / when the symptoms appear  
  • A brochure on the risk factors, symptoms, diagnostic methods and referral processes for patients, intended to GPs, in order to allow for an earlier diagnosis 
  • A political manifesto, the Pancreatic Cancer Declaration, stating the policy recommendations of the association for a better prioritization of pancreatic cancer in public policies  

All these documents are available on the website of Pancreatic Cancer Europe, also developed and managed by RPP. Altogether, these tools are helping reach the objectives of making pancreatic cancer less “neglected”, along with increasing the visibility and position of PCE as the go-to organisation on pancreatic cancer. 

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