The RPP approach to Strategy and Training

Government Affairs is about recognizing that your interests are not the interest of policy makers and stakeholders. RPP has significant expertise in training clients how to align with important stakeholders.  

Ensuring consistent messaging across marketing, communications and government affairs is essential to driving business interests through policy.  

With over a decade worth of „do’s and don’ts“ and best practices, RPP can augment existing government affairs teams and bring a fresh perspective or help get a government affairs practice off the ground.  

Case study

In 2016, RPP organised a Government affairs training workshop for the WHO Government Affairs team in Brussels where we provided training on how to engage with senior national Government figures. Following a morning session where we worked through examples and techniques, the afternoon saw different WHO teams practice what they learnt by participating in “mock meetings” with former UK Secretary of State for health, Lord Lansley. The training was very well received, with the WHO commenting that “it provided real world insight into how to communicate with and engage with senior Government ministers and officials.” 

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Salomé Chelli-Enriquez
Salomé Chelli-Enriquez
Director Service Excellence and Director RPP France
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