The RPP approach to Governance and Compliance

Governance and compliance are related issues that are essential to enable organizations to fulfill their objectives and and to act with integrity whilst managing the many and varied uncertainties with which they are confronted.  Good governance processes enable the officers of organizations to legally and reliably steer it towards those objectives and compliance effective compliance allows  it to comply with the laws an regulations, as well as voluntary boundaries to which it subscribes. We at RPP see these issues as essential complements to risk management. 

Understanding and interpreting law, regulation and policy, both formal and informal, is at the heart of all RPP activities and bring this experience and expertise to bear to enable our clients to build and maintain their governance and compliance function. Working where necessary with independent lawyers and with in-house legal teams, we can help you with the full range of governance and compliance issues. From advising on the creation of the legal structure of an organisation, to ensuring the corporate and compliance functions applying generally or to specific situations, our specialized team of lawyers and policy experts can help you move forward with confidence.

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