The RPP approach to Digital Campaigning

Using its expertise in visual communication, RPP can provide clients with everything that is needed for a successful digital media campaign. Services in this area are ranging from digital content production over well-orchestrated social media campaigning to the design of websites, microsites and other campaigning materials.

Case study

RPP, as the secretariat of PCE, successfully launched and led a digital campaign around World Pancreatic Cancer Day, in November 2015 and onwards. The campaign was launched around a microsite showcasing the pathway of pancreatic cancer patients, from the point of diagnosis to treatment. Published online and posted on multiple social networks, the microsite allowed visitors to be redirected to the website of PCE, to its awareness brochures, to its founding Call for Action, and to the Pancreatic Cancer Declaration. The diffusion of this microsite, channeled through all the members’ social media handles, allowed for a broad reach across Europe.   

Following this successful launch, PCE created its own social media handle, gaining a lot of institutional visibility on Twitter, and disseminating its general public awareness brochures on Facebook.  

RPP has provided the content, the technical development and the management of all these tools, managing the social media presence of the association on a day to day basis. Being also responsible for the policy and advocacy activities of the association, RPP is able to tailor the social media activities to make them serve the policy objectives of PCE.   

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