The RPP approach to Association Management

The technological explosion of the digital era has introduced entirely new industrial sectors which require representation. RPP has experience in establishing Associations and Non-Profits from the conceptual to its legal formation and management. With the key metric being always value for Membership, RPP challenges the inertia of existing associations to use the credibility of a unified pre-competitive association of members to aid policy makers in the development of sectoral policy.  

Case study

RPP represents the Secretariat of the Avicenna Alliance ( Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the US FDA, bringing in new members, developing political strategy and messaging to engage policy makers and drive forward the policy needs of members.


Thierry Marchal
Secretary General of the Avicenna Alliance

 “RPP Group has been instrumental in helping turn a research project into a full-fledged Association of Industries and Researchers working towards a common goal. Bringing their policy expertise to the Avicenna Alliance Secretariat, RPP Group has brought real policy results for the benefit of our Members and ever increasingly influence for the Alliance.” 

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Lutz Dommel
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