The RPP approach to Advocacy and Policy

Many products have a societal value that extends beyond their immediate market value to the customer. A wind turbine for example, does not just generate electricity for immediate consumption, it also contributes to a societal need of reducing global emissions.  

Policy makers are responsible for ensuring that the overall societal needs of society are met and put in place policy incentives or disincentives to ensure they are.  

RPP Group specializes in demonstrating the societal value of your products and ideas to one of the most economically powerful and influential consumer groups in the world – governments. 

If you have an idea you think benefits society – RPP can tell you how. 

Case study

RPP ensured an appropriate implementation of an EU Directive in the field of occupational safety in Germany and Austria. RPP had taken advantage on an EU Directive in the field of occupational safety to also promote the use of safety devices in healthcare facilities which can effectively prevent needlestick injuries, one of the most prevalent and dangerous work-related accidents in healthcare. After strong resistance of employers’ organizations against these enhanced requirements for healthcare workers’ safety during the elaboration of the EU Directive, continued activities during the implementation process on national level were anticipated. In order to ensure an appropriate implementation, RPP worked together with an expert group composed by representatives of care profession associations and experts in technical occupational safety. This group approached national policy makers, informed them about the rationale of the EU Directive, participated in official hearings and could thereby avoid a watering down of the important improvements in occupation safety. 

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Thomas Krings
Thomas Krings
Senior Director of Advocacy and Policy
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