The RPP approach to Sports and Entertainment

In multiple ways sports and entertainment play vital roles in the everyday life of most people. Both are experienced in private as well as in public. Many of the topics from these fields are of prominent societal importance and therefore make their way on the agenda of various political players and institutions. Most of the topics are multifaceted and spread over a wide range of disciplines: ranging from physical activity and health, over the dynamics of sporting events to new forms of entertainment driven by technical developments like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). 

RPP has longstanding experience with identifying different layers of policy topics to provide the foundation for an open, integrated and informed political and societal debate. Clients appreciate our approach to develop sustainable policies in diverse political spaces through creativity, experience and expertise. This is of particular significance in the fields of sports and entertainment as they function on a highly emotional level integrating all parts of society.  

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