The RPP approach to Finance

Over 20 years of experience in financial services regulation, working for banks and consumer saving and lending institutions, gives our colleagues an unrivalled capacity to interpret and influence all aspects of policy related to financial services. 

Members of the RPP senior management have gathered a large experience within the engine room of the EU institutions, as to Economic and Monetary Affairs, let it be as a member of the Private Office (Cabinet) of the EU Commissioner in charge of Economic and Financial Affairs or as a top advisor of the leader of the ALDE Group in the European Parliament regarding budgetary issues. 

We proactively leverage our outstanding network of contacts in order to contribute to the political debate and legislative processed in the cross-border oriented fintech sector and thus to make the voice of our clients heard. 

Moreover, RPP had a leading role in setting up the trade association “Fintechs for Europe”, which is an association for Fintech companies supporting the European project which aims at shaping policy development through coordinated regulatory and reputation-based advocacy actions vis à vis EU key decision makers in Brussels. 

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Thomas Krings
Thomas Krings
Senior Director of Advocacy and Policy
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