The RPP approach to Consumer Policy

The consumer goods sector is highly dynamic: producers and retails alike face constant demands to keep pace with consumer preference, technological advances and developments in the political and regulatory climate. The sector lies at the crossroads of many strands of policy, from health, safety and consumer protection, to environmental policy, to trade, competition and internal market rules. Regulation meets communication in a uniquely complicated interplay.  

At RPP we help our clients to anticipate and respond to these challenges by providing them with relevant and timely advice. We engage in a constructive dialogue with policy makers, representing our clients’ interest throughout the whole policy development process, from design to implementation. Our broad experience in all aspects of consumer communication enables us to provide a truly comprehensive service, from issue and reputational management, to stakeholder communications, litigation and crisis communications. With a client portfolio encompassing many of the best-known names in consumer goods manufacture and sales, wholesale and retail, on and offline, we tailor public affairs solutions to your needs. 

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