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Since 2010, RPP London has delivered ground-breaking government relations built on our European DNA, where state of the art visual communications is an important part of RPP’s political advocacy. Our imaginative, creative solutions recognise the multiple needs and priorities our clients have and the diverse, complex and often conflicting challenges facing our politicians and civil servants.

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, agriculture, the environment, animal welfare and transport will be strongly affected as the UK leaves the EU and looks to identify new trading partners and new regulatory frameworks on which to base these new relationships. UK based patients and doctors will be challenged to replicate their important roles in decision-making in Europe. In Brexit negotiations, the healthcare synergies created by the European Union have been overshadowed by larger economic political priorities and the voices of both physicians and healthcare users have struggled to be heard. RPP has a long record of championing the interests of medical societies and patients and we feel they should have a stronger voice in the Brexit process.


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