RPP is here to help: Proactively mitigating Covid-19's impact on your public affairs projects

by Lutz Dommel

Have your projects been halted, events cancelled, and milestones missed? We want to help and are offering proactive services to those who want to discuss how to get public affairs activities back on track.

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought many challenges to maintaining activities in the public affairs field as it has challenged conventional ways of working including the ability to hold face to face meetings, meet policy makers, organise events and rely on stakeholders to travel amongst others. RPP has developed a proactive approach to ensure all public affairs projects remain in motion and adapt to new ways of working to ensure the continuation, and even acceleration, of our projects. It is our belief that public affairs activities form a fundamental part of maintain our democratic systems and as such we want to support any group looking to redesign their work.

Our Core Principles

  1. Safety first. If working methods risk the health of any of your employees or those that you contact, the practices must change. Simple strategies can ensure this risk is mitigated.
  2. Proactively adapting to the lack of physical meetings can be an advantage: Modern business approaches may be key to taking your work to the next level, it can improve sustainable and flexible relationships with contacts and decision makers. Instead of seeing this situation as a barrier, we see many opportunities to enhance your network.
  3. Face to face meeting, events and conferences can either be substituted or supplemented. With the array of technical options at our disposal, we can connect in a more intimate way with others if we adapt to a different way of delivering our projects. Meeting short deadlines may require substituting face to face meetings with alternatives and medium-term projects may benefit from increased preparation and engagement with stakeholders through new mediums.

Areas we can help

  • Redesigning your outreach programmes. Our approach to proactively building partnerships in moments of challenging communication will ensure a continued engagement with policy makers
  • Adapting and rethinking your events. With an array of distinct and adaptable event formats using new online tools, we can ensure that you get the results you need
  • Supporting risk assessment of internal policies. Our mitigation strategy can help carefully balance  safety and progress in your teams
  • Supporting with trainings. In this new environment, it is crucial to support colleagues on how best to manage conference calls, webinars and play the key role of moderators.


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