Policy-Insider.AI – More than Monitoring

by Kit Greenop

Policy-Insider.AI – More than Monitoring

3 years ago I wrote a guide for colleagues I work with on ‘how to make the perfect analysis’. It centred around the notion that informing a client should paint the clearest picture, in the most concise way by focusing understanding and communicating 3 concepts:

  • Context
  • Connectivity
  • Origin & Motivation

This is a thorough approach, almost impossible to achieve for every development, which is designed to provoke all the right questions when looking at a document – and then to inspire the insight and recommendation given to a client.

If someone knows the political and historical context of a policy document, which other initiatives it is connected to, why it is written, with who and why, they will be in a position to provide true insight and recommendations to a client. It is a test I apply to monitoring emails I receive from colleagues and to monitoring services I have subscribed to in the past. These are skills that can be taught to people with a time investment and after years being able to associate trends through their memory but the sad reality is that monitoring services do not really ‘learn’.

Now imagine, the years of knowledge and memory required to understand the context and motivation of a document, and the hours of learning needed to understand how to present this information, could be done at the click of a button.

Policy Insider transforms the notion of monitoring not just because it is an exhaustive library of policy developments (just like many other tools) but that those years of knowledge and memory have been provided by policy experts for you. It provides you with the relevance of documents, immediately associates which policy makers are true leaders on topics and who they usually collaborate with. It also gives you a reliable insight on trends. It provides context, connectivity, origin and motivation. And guess what – it keeps learning. The greater Policy Insider is used, the better the insights get.

Monitoring to inform insight and recommendations has changed forever. To test out what will be your most effective colleague to ever do monitoring – sign up to our 7 day free trial!


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