News from the Capitals #2

by RPP colleagues


Europe is a colourful continent in terms of policies and outcomes. It is essential to stay updated on how these policies may impact your work to build better regulatory frameworks, enhance your message and enhance communication with stakeholders. Here you can find a summary of the major European political updates of this week.



Three members of the French conservative party have announced that they will introduce an option to the primary internal election. The party wants to make Xavier Bertrand, which has declared his candidacy to run for president without the party’s approval, participate in order to make a more neutral choice. The green party has received 3 candidacies for his internal elections in anticipation of the presidential one: Eric Piolle (mayor of Grenoble), Yannick Jadot (party’s leader,) and Delphine Batho (former minister under François Hollande’s presidency).

United Kingdom

Labour managed to hold the West Yorkshire seat of Batley and Spen in the by-election that took place last week. The closely contested seat ended with Labour holding the seat by just over 300 votes. The rumoured leadership challenge to Keir Starmer was effectively quashed following the victory.   
New Health Secretary Sajid Javid this week presented the much-anticipated Health and Social Care Bill to further outline the structural changes within the NHS. The Bill has come under some scrutiny due to the new powers it confers to the Health Secretary over the NHS. 


The battle over a bill designed to combat homophobia continued to rage last Tuesday, with the supporters of the package rejecting a compromise that they said would water it down. The Vatican and right-wing Italian political parties are opposing the bill and have delayed its legislative process, worried that the bill could curb freedom of expression among Catholics. The centrist Italia Viva (IV) party, which says it backs the bill, has proposed amendments which would suffice to win the support of Matteo Salvini's right-wing League. After being approved in the lower chamber of the house in November 2020, talks on the bill will resume on 13 July in the Senate.  


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