About our Mission statement

Responding to societal and political needs

We take seriously our role in the political and societal landscape that we work in and as such we believe in public affairs as a means to enhance the societies we live in, and not as a commercial end in itself.  

Rigorous approach to transparency 

We are committed to meeting the highest standards of transparency in our work with clients, policymakers and stakeholders and transparency is at the heart of our processes and engagement strategies at all political levels. 

Integration of transnational approaches to European and national policies  

Europe is as much a market place of ideas as a common market and we strive to understand and reflect both the bottom-up and top-down processes of European and national policy making. It is no longer enough to understand what Europe does for its Member countries, but also what Europe´s citizens and representative governments want from Europe. Our offices in Europe´s major capitals ensure we meet our commitment to a robust approach to all political issues.  

Evidence-based policy 

Good products and good policy will always stand up to the highest scrutiny and we always seek the highest level of expertise in Europe to inform our strategies and support the creation of evidence-based policy.  


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