About RPP

In 2002, RPP (founded as Rohde Public Policy) was created by founding partner Sebastian Rohde. RPP was founded to deliver a new form of service to clients – a notion that has carried on through RPP's work, epitomizing our slogan ´political communication redesigned´. RPP's organic growth responded to client needs to take our strategic programmes to new markets which has resulted in our current offices in Brussels, Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Canberra and Madrid. RPP´s work in these markets was initially focused on a unique expertise in healthcare policy.  

In 2015, RPP´s political communication was once again redesigned with the integration of RPP Visuals, based in Hamburg. In our European setting, the ability to create tailor-made visual advocacy tools for our clients overcomes linguistic barriers and communicates concise messages to internal and external audiences.  

In 2016 RPP formally expanded its public affairs offering, taking our expertise in policy creation and development gained working in the healthcare field for 14 years, and applying it to other areas where new technologies and services are transforming markets.  

RPP's future holds further expansion into other major markets and into new policy areas. We continue to develop, expand, reinvent and redesign political communications.  


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