RPP Research


The impact of Brexit on healthcare provision in the UK, the regulation of the European Life Sciences Sector, as well as the political institutions in the EU and UK represent huge challenges for the research, and the wider health and scientific communities in the months and years to come. RPP is here to help you answer the critical questions facing your organisation.


Challenges posed by Brexit:

  • Is my current EU funded project under threat?
  • Will I still be eligible to apply for future EU funding?
  • Will our students still be able to participate in study abroad programmes?
  • Will UK Researchers be able to pursue work placements abroad?
  • Will there be a UK alternative to Marie Curie Research Fellowship Programme?
  • Will our qualifications still be recognised in EU countries once we leave? #
  • How can we work to ensure our research funding is maintained?
  • How can we maintain our relationships with colleagues in other Member States?
  • How can we keep our voice in Brussels?