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Non-profit Organizations

Brexit represents a huge challenge for all organizations acting in the UK, especially non-profit organizations such as patient organization, medical and healthcare worker associations, or unions. It will not only affect existing healthcare regulations, but impact employment, social, and safety regulations in the UK. RPP is here to help you answer the critical questions facing your organization.

Challenges posed by Brexit:

For Patient Organisations

  • Will patients still be able to receive treatment in other Member States?
  • How does this impact European patients travelling to the UK and UK citizens travelling abroad?
  • How will patient data be treated in future?
  • For patients living in the UK from other Member States, will they still be able to remain in the UK and access its health care services?
  • How can we maintain high quality patient care for our members?
  • Will there be an impact on the treatment of orphan diseases?

Healthcare Workers and Medical Associations

  • Will our qualifications still be recognised in other Member States?
  • Will we still be able to apply in the future for EU funding?
  • How will rules on patient data be affected?
  • For patients currently enrolled in a clinical trial in the UK, will they be able to remain enrolled if the UK leaves the EU?
  • Will the UK still be able to access/contribute to EU based biobanks and registries?
  • How can we ensure our work is not hindered?
  • How will our educations and training be affected?
  • What changes can we expect regarding employment and social security?

For Unions

  • Will EU laws on exposure to dangerous substances be maintained?
  • What health and safety at work legislation is at threat?
  • Will the Working Time Directive be repealed?
  • How can we ensure health and safety at work legislation is preserved?