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Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

The impact of Brexit on healthcare provisions in the UK, the regulation of the European Life Science Sectors, as well as the political institutions in the EU and UK represent huge challenges for medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the months and years to come. RPP is here to help you answer the critical questions facing your company.

Challenges posed by Brexit:

  • What will a future EU / UK trade deal potentially look like?
  • If so, how will intellectual property rights be affected?
  • What will be the implications for data regulations in the UK?
  • To which extend should we still conduct research and trails in the UK?
  • What does Brexit mean for marketing authorization in the European Union?
  • How will HTA and re-imbursement procedures in the UK and EU be affected?
  • What does Brexit mean for my manufacturing and research sights in the UK?
  • What are the implications on our advocacy efforts in Brussels?
  • Will there be an alternative to the Medical Device Regulation in the UK?