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What Brexit can mean for you and your organisation

The impact of Brexit, the uncertainty around healthcare provisions in the UK, the regulation of the European Life Science Sectors, as well as the political institutions in the EU and UK represent huge challenges for business and non-profit in the months and years to come.

With the UK leaving the European Union, the UK must not only re-define its relationship with the EU, many existing legislations in the UK will have to be revised and updated. This creates great uncertainty regarding the continuation of existing rules, but also political opportunities to shape future legislation. Patient organisations, professional associations, researchers and industry active in the EU or UK must understand these changes, respond to potential threats and harness upcoming opportunities.

RPP is your partner in understanding and responding to Brexit. We are the largest independent healthcare consultancy for advocacy in Brussels and Europe. RPP has a strong presence in the most important European Member States and a proven track record in promoting health and science policy in the EU and UK. If you are concerned how Brexit can affect you and need an interpreter between your organisation’s needs and the politics that affect them, then consider how RPP can support you.

What RPP can offer you

On the ground updates on Brexit news

With our main office in Brussels and an office in London our staff are a regular sight in the corridors of the European institutions and the halls of Westminster. We can provide you with fast information that can affect your organisation.

Analysis of what Brexit means for you

Our specialised team can readily assess what Brexit could mean for your organisation and what steps you may need to take. RPP’s most senior staff can provide you with strategical advice to identify political opportunities provided by Brexit.

Give you a presence in London, Brussels and other major capitals

With a strong track record for translating the organisations’ needs into policy action, RPP will work with you to ensure your voice is heard in policy and your interests represented. We can help you to develop policy goals based on our organisation’s objectives and implement advocacy programmes using the latest political, visual communication and digital campaigning tools at our disposal.

Overview RPP Service Offerings

RPP responds to each client individually. We have a wide array of expertise for different actors in healthcare. Please consider which offer is most appropriate for your needs. For more information or a detailed proposal, please contact brexit@rpp-group.com.

Brexit Newsletter and Events

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Weekly Roundup – Our different Newsletters


Brexit process

This week’s newsletter looks at a critical moment in the Brexit process as the Article 50 Bill passed through the Houses of Parliament and received Royal Assent, the potential Second Referendum for Scottish Independence, and the EP Plenary session in Strasbourg discussing the future of the EU.

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Article 50 Bill through the House of Lords

This week’s newsletter looks at the passage of the Article 50 Bill through the House of Lords, the future of the European Union, as discussed in the EP Plenary session in Strasbourg and the impact of Brexit on the Labour Party, and the two upcoming by-elections it is defending.

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Brexit perspective in 2017

This week’s newsletter looks the Brexit Bill and White Paper, Martin Schulz's new position as SDP Chancellor candidate for this year's German federal election, the new European Parliament Committee Chairs, and an event organised by RPP on the impact of Brexit on Rare Diseases.

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More BREXIT Newsletter


Supreme Court decision

This week’s newsletter looks at the Supreme Court decision, the tabling of a European Union (Notice of Withdrawal) Bill, Jeremy Hunt's evidence to the Health Select Committee on Brexit and how Donald Trump's Inauguration might impact on Brexit.

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Theresa May's speech on Brexit

This week’s newsletter looks at Theresa May's speech on Brexit, and the reaction to it, as well as the election for the new President of the European Parliament and his Vice-Presidents.

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Brexit perspective in 2017

This week's newsletter looks at what's coming up from a Brexit perspective in 2017, the runners and riders to be the new European Parliament President, and a look at the UK's change of Ambassador to the EU.

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Theresa May's appearance before the House of Commons Liaison Committee

This week’s newsletter wishes all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well as Theresa May's appearance before the House of Commons Liaison Committee.

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Future for European institutions based in the UK

This week’s newsletter looks at the future for European institutions based in the UK as well as the impact of Brexit on the City of London, as well as the House of Lords report into the impact of Brexit on UK-Ireland relations.

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The statement on Brexit from Michel Barnier

This week’s newsletter looks at the statement on Brexit from Michel Barnier, the UK's Supreme Court hearing on Article 50 and Parliament's motion to trigger it, the two by-elections in the UK over the last eight days and the results and impact of the election and referendum in Austria and Italy.

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Schulz leaving, Verhofstadt remaining and Brexit coming

Whilst the last few weeks have given the PM and the Government some positive economic news, this week has certainly been more challenging from a political perspective. In addition to photographers capturing an image of a Conservative MP's aides notes on Brexit...

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Impact of US Elections on Europe

Here at RPP few people would have predicted Donald Trump's shock victory in the Presidential Election, and I'm sure like most readers of this newsletter, none would have wanted...

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The last week has been an extremely busy one for RPP's Brexit team with our first Brexit event held at Imperial College Business School on Thursday 3rd November...

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What role for the UK Parliament in Brexit?

The week just gone was fairly positive from a Brexit perspective for Theresa May. There was some embarrassment for her with a recording of her meeting with Goldman Sachs before the referendum being leaked...

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Theresa May’s first EU Summit

Last week, Theresa May attended her first EU Summit as UK Prime Minister. Whilst Brexit was not the focus of the summit, with Russia and immigration being the main discussion points, there was obviously some discussion and a lot of interest on the UK's future relationship with the EU...

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The EU, UK and RPP Brexit Teams

In the cut and thrust of the political posturing surrounding the upcoming Brexit negotiations, each side is trying to position its arguments as the most credible. There is an awful lot of repetition, and the political landscape could change dramatically between now and...

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Olli Rehn “Europe seeks renewal in the shadow of Brexit”

Conservative Party Conference continued to dominate the political and Brexit news last week. Whilst the Conference will arguably be viewed as a success, see article below, the mood of the country, media and Conservative Party is volatile...

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May’s Vision of Brexit

On the 3rd November, RPP is holding its first Brexit event, with speakers including Lord Andrew Lansley, former UK Secretary of State for Health, on the impact of Brexit on the Life Sciences Sector and the NHS...

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Impact on the MHRA and Notified Bodies

Migration and its impact on the European Union and EU referendum bubbled back to the surgace this week. With many European Leaders in New York for the UN summit on migration, the prime minister, Theresa May said...

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What future for the European Union?

After the summer calm of Brexit and the last couple of weeks of starting to develop negotiating positions, Brexit suddenly started to feel a lot more "real" again this week with the European Parliament holding its...

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“Brexit means Brexit”

Brexit continues to dominate the Prime Minister's agenda both internationally and domestically, with a challenging week of diplomacy with global leaders combined with trying to keep her Brexit ministers in line...

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Brexit and the EU Budget

With September now upon us, the discussion around Brexit certainly seems to be hotting up in the UK, with tensions surfacing over "what Brexit means" in practice, across Europe and even globally...

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Merkel’s Euro-Trip II

With many of the key players back from their summer vacations, Brexit is high on the list of many European politicians' priorities, as we have seen with Angela Merkel meeting so many of Europe's leaders this week...

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