RPP Healthcare

RPP Healthcare, established as Rohde Public Policy 2002 in Brussels, services the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices manufacturers, patient organisations as well as medical and academical associations across Europe. 

We are a consultancy focused on policy creation and development. Our aim is to develop issues at the political level by ensuring the inclusion of the best available expert opinion and political arguments in order to meet unmet political needs.

Our topical focus and expertise lies in healthcare, nutrition, research and innovation, social policy, and related trade and market access issues.

Our mission is to engage decision makers and opinion leaders in cooperating on new policy approaches and topics in order to jointly develop political consensus and to achieve an improved regulatory and fact- and science-based political environment.

In order to achieve this objective, RPP Healthcare builds long-term partnerships with high-level scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders throughout Europe and beyond. With its work, we ensure the connection between EU-level and national level to regional level cooperation of policy makers.

To this aim, we use tailored visual and digital tools to disseminate messages and engage with the relevant stakeholders and the general public.  

Our work objective is always to create sustainable value for all project partners involved by creating a real and measurable benefit as a result.